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High Tide B&B near Five Islands

(The B&B is closed down) Friends from the very beginning this is how I would call Janet and Angus Quinn, hosts of the High Tide B&B at Lower Economy. The first time we visited the B&B there was a birthday party in the neighborhood ongoing and Janet took us with her for not being alone at the house. So we witnessed a real Canadian garage party with live music, dance and BBQ. 

washer toss game
washer toss game
Debby's Birthday Garage Party
Five Islands Provincial Park
The Five Islands
Bald Eagle couple nesting at Masstown
Minas Basin sun set
Minas Basin
flower pot
Cape d'Or Lighthouse
Advocate Harbour high tide
Advocate Harbour low tide
Janet Quinn

After the BBQ the barbecue turned into an open wood fire place where all plastics melted away by the heat and turned into an awful smell. Next day our clothes were still catching the smell and Janet was embarrassed about it and short hand she threw anything into the washer to get rid of the smell. At the one or the other of our many returns we had the opportunity to get to know many other benefits and neighbor events, where we had real home made hamburgers, hot dogs all coming freshly from the BBQ and learned the rules of the washer toss game.

Janet & Angus

Janet is a passionate amateur photographer. She is knowing the area like the back of her hands. She might let you know where to find the best spots to take photos of King-Fishers, the best location to see the Five Islands all together, a beaver dam, Bald Eagles, best spots to see the low and high tide and many other opportunities. Directly at the house you will have the chance to see humming-birds and a variety of local and migrating birds. We already spottet deer, fox and groundhogs. Angus is composing  music, plays on his home build fiddle, loves to dance and sing. You can witness his talent right at the kitchen, just ask.

High Tide B&B
High Tide B&B

The High Tide B&B is located at the Minas Basin right at the Bay of Fundy one of the North Americas 7 wonders of the nature. The bed and breakfast carries the subtitle “home of the world’s highest tides”, as the difference between low and high tide is about 16 meters and 100 billion tons of water is going out and coming in each and every six hours. 44.000 hectares of mud flats invites to hiking, a good chance to see people digging for clams. In august there is the legendary “Not since Moses Run” where hundreds of runners participate in a  5/10 kilometer run over the mud flats.

Some of the High Tide B&B attractions near by are the Five Islands Provincial Park, the Cape d’Dor Lighthouse also not far from Parsborro where you can find the Fundy Geological Museum and the Ottawa House. The Cape Chignecto Provincial Park and the Joggins Fossil Cliffs are just two of many additional excursions one can make.

The Bed and Breakfast has two wonderful and cosy guest rooms with queen sized beds and a private bath. A window directly located above the bed of the “Country Rose” room offers good weather permitting stargazing opportunities, ideal for those who count stars to fall a sleep. Say hello to Janet and Angus from Nicole and Joerg if you will visit the High Tide B&B.

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